Bumblebee: Then and Now

Tom had been out exploring lakes and swamps several times before. Always alone. He did not take company with him, because he wanted to keep this special kink a secret. The pleasure of sinking into quicksand. He could never even tell his girlfriend, - or rather - ex-girlfriend, Clarice. And he was glad he had not, because she probably would have told everyone when they broke up. She was the type to vent her frustration in that way. But he had put that relationship behind him, and now he was once again free to enjoy getting muddy on his own. And to top it off, he would dare something new this time, he had never dared before. Up until now he had always kept on some bathing trunks or at least underwear. But not this time.

When he stood before the familiar wet peat bog, he looked around once more. The ground in this part of the forest was always saturated with water and this season had seen plenty of rain. There were rarely any other people out here. Folks tended to avoid the muddy path that led here, but even so it was not entirely impossible to run into other hikers. He wanted to take no chances. Tom was going to sink nude this time after all. There seemed to be nobody else around as far as he could tell. So he quickly got out of his clothes, revealing his trained tanned body to the damp air. Once more he glanced around. Then to make sure he would attract absolutely no attention, he hid his clothes and backpack behind a fallen tree trunk. His white t-shirt could be seen for miles - in theory at least - not considering that the shrubs and tall grass blocked the view anyway.

The only thing Tom carried now, was a breathing tube that would allow him to enjoy a total submersion longer than otherwise possible. He stepped into the bog and it quickly enveloped his calves and thighs, like he knew it would. This bog was well known to him. He waded forward and allowed himself to sink deeper. When the peat approached his crotch he felt uncertain for a moment, but it was too late to turn back anyway. The bog swallowed his testicles and erect member and it felt great. He did not mind that it was a little cool to the touch. The tight, wet embrace of the morass more than made up for that. The mire was no more than six feet wide and Tom was already at its center. Despite its apparent lack in size, Tom knew it was bottomless. He allowed it to swallow more of his well-trained body. He sank to his chest, even deeper to his shoulders, before he began to float. But Tom would not stop there and immediately began to pump his legs and pull himself deeper. Entranced he enjoyed the sensation as the peat climbed to his chin. Tom’s short brown hair now also became tainted with the wet peat.

Tom was startled by the noise of a cracking branch. He listened, trying to ignore the sound of his own pounding heart. There were squishy steps and they were coming closer. He did not see their source, because some shrubs blocked his vision. Of course those same shrubs served to hide him from whoever was passing by. For now at least. But those steps were still coming closer. He thought about getting out of the mud now, or pretending to be sinking and in need of help. But how would Tom explain his nudity. Instead he dug himself in deeper as quietly as he could, and prepared the breathing tube. He saw some movement through the bush’s leaves now. Someone was definetily headed this way. He dove under with the tube in place. Its diameter was rather small and it would not easily be discovered, or so he hoped.

Then Tom waited. The only movements he made were meant to keep him from resurfacing. He did so slowly without causing much of a visible disturbance on the surface. But now Tom heard and saw nothing from outside the bog. He could only be patient and hope for his unwanted guest to go away. Minutes passed. Maybe they were just seconds though. Tom’s sense of time was not working very well while submerged. He could easily keep breathing and wait a while longer, and so he did just that to be safe.

Finally he decided that it was time to resurface. Whoever had come by was probably miles away by now. Suddenly the bog quivered and shook. Taken by surprise, Tom changed his mind. He thought it better to stay under for a little longer after all. But then he discovered that his tube was now blocked and he could not breathe anymore. Still, with the limited supply of oxygen in his lungs he waited. Tom could feel movement in the bog. Maybe his visitor had fallen in. He was hoping for the other hiker to get out quick, or Tom would soon be forced to reveal himself. A few seconds later the movement did slowly cease. In his mind’s eye he could see the other person dragging himself out of the bog and beginning to walk away.

When he could hold his breath no longer, Tom’s head broke the surface and he gasped for air. He heard a shrill woman’s scream, and screamed in surprise himself when he realized that the other person was still there in the bog with him. She was a cute, blonde girl. The girl was past her hips in the bog, wearing chest-waders over a plain brown t-shirt. She was also holding onto a rope. Panicked she began to pull herself out and struggling to free her legs she inadvertedly kicked against Tom’s still submerged chest. There was not much room for her to move. Tom was too awestruck by the beautiful girl that had found her way into his bog to react before he was pushed under by her struggles.

He did not resurface immediately and instead took a few seconds to process what had just happened while he was under. Two questions went through his mind. What was he going to say to her when he came back up? Had she entered the bog by accident or was she maybe into the same thing? Then he realized how those questions were related. If she shared this kink with him, she would understand and he could tell her what he was here for. But if she was not, she’d probably think he was the worst creep she had ever met. When he came up for air he still did not have the answers he was looking for.

The girl was kneeling beside the bog and looking down with some concern. Tom was wiping mud from his face when she began to speak first: “Are you okay? I’m sorry, I did not mean to push you under. I did not expect anyone to… uhm… what… what were… what are you doing in there?”

“I.. ehr… I’m fine. I was just… exploring this place… when ehr…” he stammered. And blushed. He hoped he still had enough mud on his face to at least hide the latter.

“So, you just fell in there by accident?”

“Well, .. ah.. yeah. Of course. Like you. I mean, I presume. You wouldn’t deliberately… I mean.”

She was blushing as well.

“Pfft. No, of course not. Why would I want to…?”

“Hehe. So, what’s with the waders? … and the rope?”

“Oh.. ah… that. Just a precaution. You know… I mean I just came to explore - just like you - but I knew the ground here might be a little… soggy. So…”

“Heh. Good thinking. Maybe I should have done the same. Hehe.”

“Say… uhm. You don’t seem to be wearing a shirt…”

Tom realized he had floated up far enough for his shoulders to re-emerge.

“I.. ah… was working on my tan… And I did not expect to run into anyone. So…”

He could see the doubts in her eyes. And he had no idea how he would explain that he was wearing nothing down there. Was he a nudist strolling through the woods? Had someone robbed his clothes? How could he possibly explain this without revealing the truth?

“My name is Tom… by the way.” he blurted out, uncertain what else he should say.


There was a pause of a few seconds. They just looked at each other. Then they both began to speak at the same time “Are you…?” Another, shorter pause. Then Tom asked “Are you into this sort of thing? Sinking… into quicksand?” Her face became even redder than before, which made her appear even cuter to him. She replied with a question “Are YOU?”

Another day, another season. Tom came back to the familiar area in the forest. It had rained a lot the month before, and the ground was once more saturated with water and the bare dark peat looked promising indeed. He had brought a wooden stick about 5 feet in length and began to push it down into the morass. It went deeper and deeper with little resistance until it was almost gone. Perfect. Just like he had hoped. He pulled the pole back out and wasted no more time. He quickly undressed, took his breathing tube and stepped right in. It felt as good as he remembered. No, even better. The morass quickly swallowed his muscular legs, claimed his bare member, and then went on to climb up his abs. Pumping his legs caused the bog to heave and some gas to escape from its depths. Tom was still sinking deeper into the quicksand. He struggled, but not to get out, but rather to move to the center of the small circular bog. When he was there, chest-deep in the yielding peat, he struggled some more. Still not trying to get out, but quite the opposite. Trying to get deeper. He sank down to his shoulders, his neck, chin. Then he readied his breathing tube and waited. Just enjoying the sensation of the morass and the tranquil silence of the forest. Until he heard some steps in the mud. That was when he inserted the tube into his mouth and went into hiding underneath the surface. He waited, though impatient. Surrounded once more by perfect darkness and silence except for his own breathing through the tube.

After a while he felt some movement in the morass. Someone else was in the bog with him. He surfaced to greet his guest. Amy shrieked, though not very loud. And then covered her bare, well-shaped breasts and crotch with her hands, feigning embarrassment. She needlessly kept one hand at her crotch even though it was just disappearing into the mire. Her slim naked figure was sinking down into the bog just inches in front of him.

“Oh my, what a strange coincidence. Who would have thought some stranger had already fallen into the exact same bog that I just fell into.” she said.

“Hello, there gorgeous. And to think that you are a nudist as well. What are the odds?” he replied.

“Indeed.” They both giggled. Then Amy bent down to kiss Tom’s muddy mouth. He held her by her submerged hips, slowing her descend. “Happy anniversary, Tom” she said. “And to you, my love” he replied with a muddy smile.

He pulled her closer, feeling her soft skin on his as she was sliding deeper. He kissed her onto and between her breasts before they disappeared. She hugged him and enjoyed the combined sensation of the bog’s embrace and Tom’s kisses working their way up along her naked body. Finally they were both floating neck-deep in the morass. Kissing gently at first, then making out. Then there was no more holding back and they indulged in wild passionate love-making that caused mud to be flung in all direction and steam to rise from their bog. The very same bog in which they had first met, five years earlier.