This site has adult content. If you are not of legal age to view such adult material, then you must leave this site now. Close this window right now! I mean it.

Here in the Great Swamp I very much enjoy nature and quicksand in all its variations. And there is plenty of both to be found around here. This place is about various types of quickaand in dramatic and/or erotic contexts. If you share this interest or kink or fetish or whatever you want to call it, you will probably find something to your liking here. Otherwise - and especially if erotic material of this sort might offend you - you would probably do yourself a favor by leaving now.

I am aware that there are other quicker ways to share content on the Internet, but I have been wanting to take this step for a while now. It gives me full control over the content and how I present it without restrictions on size or formats. I still plan to share my creations elsewhere though maybe not everything and maybe not in the original resolution/quality.

What you see here is a static HTML page. However I do not edit these pages directly but instead I generate them with Hugo. Currently I am using the very minimalistic theme named Sam. I might switch to something more complex down the road, but for starters it suits me very well and allows me to focus more on the content.

Contacting Me ¶

I thought about leaving my email address here or setting up a contact form, but eventually decided against that. I barely read my email these days anyway and publishing the address here would only give me even more spam. If you need to contact me, send me a message on QSF or DeviantArt.