Bumblebee: Take Me to the Deep Spot

Side by side Tom and Amy wade through the knee-deep muck. Each of their steps causes squelching sounds mixed with plops from the suction as they pull their feet free again. Both of them are dressed for swimming: Tom wears his plain blue bathing trunks and Amy has chosen the bikini with the black and white zebra pattern. Though they have only come a short distance like this perspiration is beginning to show on their faces and glistening bodies. Not only does each step drain their strength, but the heat from the sun in the bright clear sky above does its part too. The mud they are wading through feels pleasantly cool in comparison to the humid air in this marsh.

“That’s the spot,” Tom announces, pointing at the muck in front of them which appears a shade darker than the greyish brown all around it. Amy softly bites her lower lip in anticipation. “How deep did you say it is?” she asks, already knowing the answer, but wanting to hear it one more time. “Deep… Too deep to find a bottom.” he answers as he steps behind her to gently place a kiss on her neck. “I’ll be going in first,” Amy says and reaches down to the string of her bikini bottom. “As you said you would,” his hand brushes aside the long blonde hair on her back and he undoes her bikini top. It comes off and her firm, perky breasts are revealed to the warm air. Moments later so is her cute ass and the neat triangle of pubic hair by her clit. She turns around to hug her boyfriend tightly. His muscular arms embrace her slender, naked body with its flawless soft skin. After a long passionate kiss she whispers into his ear “Enjoy the show.”. With a sly smile she takes a step back and then turns towards the indicated spot. Tom just stands there speechless, swallowing hard with her bikini in his hands.

Amy takes large steps forward, lifting her legs completely out of the mud with each one even as they sink slightly beyond the her knees. The smell of peat is present all around, but appears to be stronger where she is headed. Her thighs almost completely disappear under the surface as she reaches the darker area. Amy does not stop there though and instead vigorously works her way forward, her buttocks are quickly being enveloped by the mire. “Mmm, this feels great,” she says and then begins to turn around to face Tom. She has reached the center of the 8 feet wide area and is now steadily sinking deeper. Before she is able to complete turning around, the peat has already swallowed her belly button. Bubbles pop on the surface, which is jiggling in response to her movements. “Oh, this place is perfect,” Amy says. The mire keeps dragging her lithe form deeper into itself. Behind her back the tips of her hair become stained by the dark muck. “I’m glad you like it,” Tom replies. He does not take his eyes off her even for an instant. Something in his trunks is apparently growing bigger as she sinks deeper.

The morass reaches Amy’s soft breasts. Soon it cups them and slightly pushes them up like a bra. She slowly pushes down against the surface and giggles at the squelching noises she gets to hear in response. Her erect nipples touch the dark peat. Amy reaches down into the mire with both arms and a moan escapes her lips. “Care to join me, Tom?” she asks with a wink. “Not just yet,” he says. The mud heaves slightly and eventually Amy’s breasts disappear from sight. Slowly she keeps getting deeper, but she does not seem to worry and instead enjoys the sensation. When the muck laps at her shoulders she repeats the invitation, but Tom still prefers to just keep watching.

With her shoulders gone and the morass slowly devouring her slender neck, Amy’s expression changes into a slightly worried one. “Tom, I’m still sinking. Are you sure this place is safe?” she asks. “Did I ever say so?” is his reply. The smile on his face now has something slightly sinister to it. “Tom? What do you mean? Why am I not floating by now?” disbelief and fear are becoming more evident in her voice. The morass has consumed her up to her neck and Amy keeps sinking deeper still. Tom just grins without answering. “Tom! Tom, help me! Get me out of here, please!” she pleads to be rescued and begins to thrash around. “Help me! Why are you just standing there?” Amy asks, struggling frantically. “Because I have always wanted to do this to you, ever since I first met you,” he answers rather coldly, not taking his gaze of her slowly disappearing face for even a split-second. Amy looks up at the bright sky, her face becoming splattered with specks of mud from her own panicked struggles. “Tom! Tom! Please!” are her last words before she takes a deep breath and her face is covered completely. For a few seconds her hands can still be seen, occasionally clawing at the surface. Then they too become engulved by the mire to join the rest of Amy’s submerged slender body beneath the surface. The dark muck calms down within moments.

Tom takes a step forward, still looking at the spot where Amy has gone under. A few seconds later his pleased expression is slowly fading and replaced by a more concerned one. He quickly wades forward. Just before Tom reaches the deep area, Amy’s head breaks the surface and she takes a deep breath. Tom stops. “How was I? Has my acting improved?” she asks while she is wiping the mud from her eyes. “I.. ehr… " Tom begins, trying to regain his composure “I think you were pretty good.” As she is slowly floating upwards, her mud-covered shoulders resurface and Amy opens her eyes. “Pretty good?” she asks. “Actually… you were absolutely amazing,” he says with a wide, gentle smile, then he steps forward and reaches for his girlfriend. He finally joins her in the deep morass for an afternoon of blissful muddy love.