Bumblebee: Sweet, Sweet Moments

It was a warm and sunny day with a gentle breeze passing by. A much too beautiful day to waste on studying, but Amy had little choice with the upcoming exams. At least she could read her books outside on the sun lounger by the pool. And she could also try and get a tan while she was at it. Her dark blue string bikini generously exposed her skin and left very little to imagination. The minutes passed as she flipped through the pages. The occasional yawn interrupted her studies. She wanted to do something, anything other than this. Any outdoor activity would do. The weather would have been ideal for a hiking tour with Tom. There were a few nice, secluded places they could have visited. Places with deep bogs and quicksand. Places they had visited and enjoyed before. But instead Amy had to stay here with her books.

Tom came out of the house wearing his bathing trunks and headed towards the pool. He was smiling at his gorgeous girlfriend as he approached the diving board. His eyes were locked onto her. Then he quickly took the few steps on the board and jumped in feet first. His feet broke through the hard, brown crust and were swallowed by the black creamy soft chocolate underneath. “Wha? What did you do to the pool?!?” Tom asked in surprise.“Do you like it? I thought this would be more… interesting than just plain water,” Amy replied as she put aside the book, stood up and approached the pool. Tom’s thighs were quickly sinking deeper into the soft cholocate as he struggled to regain his balance. Then he tried pushing down against the hard crust to lift himself up, but it too broke underneath his hands. “Is this.. all of this.. cholocate?” he asked. Amy nodded and smiled. Tom was way too far from any of the pool’s edges for him to reach. Only the diving board from which he had jumped was close enough to even consider it worth a try. He leaned towards it. The cholocate quickly gulped up more of his muscular body and he soon found himself waist-deep in it. He stretched as far as he could, but the board was also too far from him.

Amy stepped onto the board and calmly walked to its end, looking down at her sinking boyfriend. He was trying to swim closer to the board, but the sweet substance only kept drawing him in deeper. “Are you sure this is safe? I mean, won’t I go under?” he asked. “I don’t know. But I think we are about to find out,” she answered. Tom began to struggle harder. He was already down to his chest and still sinking rapidly. Tom was coated in cholocate up to his neck as a result of his struggles. Amy sat down and let her legs dangle from the end of the board with her feet only a few inches above the dark substance. Tom also tried to grab Amy’s feet, but they too were out of his reach. A few specks of chocolate ended up on her feet and shins as Tom thrashed around. She reached down to scoop some of it up and taste it. “Mmm. Yummy.”

The chocolate was at Tom’s chin when he finally said “I think I need a hand. Please?” He was still sinking and now holding up one arm for Amy to grab. “Hmmm…” Amy was taking her dear time to consider his request for help. The dark creamy substance began to cover his ears. “Come on! Please. I’m about to go under,” he said. When he was just a face surrounded by dark sweetness, Amy extended one foot to him to hold onto. He grabbed it and immediately began to pull. Amy’s butt slid off the board and in reflex she twisted around to hold on. She had grabbed the board with both hands and its edge was pressing against her chest. She could feel Tom’s hands on her now mostly submerged legs. He was weighing her down, as he climbed up on her. One arm wrapped itself around her hips, as he pulled himself closer, until Amy felt him touching her behind as well. He pulled down at her like a sweet cholocate monster that intended to devour her body. Her grip was slipping. Tom’s hand was moving up her back looking for something to hold on. It found its way up to her right shoulder. Then Amy felt another sensation on her back. A kiss at first, then a tongue gliding up the trail of cholocate. Still clinging onto the board she let Tom work his way up her back. Then Amy let go willingly.

She turned around to kiss and hold her sweet boyfriend, tasting the creamy dark chocolate on him. She was waist-deep and sinking rapidly. Tom was sinking just as quickly but he was a bit ahead of her with the dark soft substance already reclaiming his ribs. Amy scooped up some of the creamy chocolate and let it drip down her cleavage. Tom instinctively let his tongue follow it down between her breasts, while undoing her bikini top which was getting in the way. Amy spread more of the bitter-sweet substance on her now bare-breasts and let Tom’s tongue do its magic. They both kept sinking deeper but wasted no thoughts on escaping this sweet but deadly trap. Amy’s chest was getting closer to the surface. Oblivious to that Tom kept licking her breasts. Even when they were submerging he did not stop. Only when her chest had finally entirely disappear into the pool of black chocolate, did Tom lift his coated face and looked up at hers. She tasted his lips, and kept kissing him as they both settled in even deeper. Her shoulders vanished from sight and so did Tom’s face. A cholocate covered arm wrapped itself around her shoulder and suddenly yanked her down. She sank to her lower-lip in an instant and Tom’s face resurfaced for one more passionate, sweet kiss, as they embraced each other and…

“How’s your studying going?” Tom asked, dripping wet and blocking her sun. “Huh? Oh… fine. Just fine,” Amy replied. He looked at her with a curios expression “Are you making progress or… are you just daydreaming?” - “I… eh.. was making good progress until…” she began and flushed. “… until I came and distracted you?” Tom inquired with a sly smile. “Maybe. Maybe I just need a break. Care to join me in the pool?” Amy changed the subject. “I was just in it, but sure. Why not?” he said. Amy was wondering what cholocate would cost when bought in large quantities as she entered the pool of cool, clear water.