Bumblebee (His Perspective)

He had been following her for a while now, always hiding behind bushes or trees or whatever cover this swamp would offer. As a former scout, Tom was quite skilled at this. She did not even turn back to look in his direction once. Obviously this beauty did not in the least notice his presence even though he was always very close. He had to be, after all he wanted to get a good look at this girl in her yellow bikini, walking around in this swamp. To him the bikini did not seem like an unusual attire for a place like this. After all, he himself was wearing only his blue bathing trunks. He considered the girl to be a very cute and sexy one. She was a little short, somewhat skinny, beautiful short blonde hair and had a really cute little nose. He loved the nose, and the other cute assets. But mostly he loved her attitude, when he watched her step into each and every mud puddle on her path. She was definitely searching for something in this swamp, and he had a certain feeling he knew what it was. It was something very deep and soft. He imagined the next mud puddle to be a really deep one. Her legs would slide right in and she would quickly sink to her sweet thighs and on to those cute, firm buttocks and then he woke up from his daydream and saw her running off. Nimbly he followed her without the slightest sound, always taking cover along the path. It took some time to close the distance. Then she slowed down and even stopped. Now he was finally close enough again, to observe every detail of her actions. He watched her stand there and wondered whether she had noticed him. Maybe he had been breathing too heavily when he chased her. The swamp was rather quiet after all. She was still just standing there. Maybe she would turn around and expose him any second. He hid deeper in his cover behind a nearby shrub.

Then he saw her prod the ground in front of her with her foot. It bounced in response. This is what Tom had been hoping for. He could feel his own pulse, blood pressure increasing from excitement. He almost considered walking right up behind the girl and pushing her in. But then he knew this would not be necessary. She took the step herself. And another. But she did not sink. The moss-covered ground was shaking and quivering all around her. Slowly, step by step, she made her way farther into the bog. One time she almost lost her balance and came close to falling. That might have made her sink, he thought. She seemed to be extremely careful with every step though. There were areas of blank peat out there, which she avoided. But surely she had come to sink. Maybe she was just trying to get into the really deep part. If she started sinking too close to the edge, she might not get too deep. He observed every movement, slowly getting more and more aroused in anticipation. She was playing with the swamp, teasing it, teasing him. He wiped some beads of sweat from his forehead. She had moved so far from the edge, he would have no chance to reach her from solid ground. Not even the sturdy rope he had brought would do. Now she was starting to make the ground jiggle on purpose, shifting her weight from side to side. This had to make the surface break. She continued, he waited and watching surpressing his desire to run out there and join her. But the ground, though it was heaving heavily, did not take her. And then his heart almost stood still when she attempted a little jump. The surface held. Another jump, a little higher this time. She lost her balance and fell, but the ground still would not give way. By now there was absolutely no doubt, that she wanted this, too. She was actually trying hard to break through and let the bog have her. Let it suck at those slender legs, drag her down to her crotch, and deeper, much deeper to those perky breasts.

His heart fell, when he saw her give up these attempts and start walking again. She was heading even farther into the bog, and then suddenly her right foot slid down. He surpressed a gasp and turned it into a muffled sound with his hand on his mouth. Her leg had gone down just past her knee. She looked surprised. After all the jumping about she had probably not expected to break through the top layer accidently, but apparently the surface did not offer the same level of resistance in every spot. She gave the sunken leg a tug, but this was quite obviously no serious attempt to break free. Then the girl moved the other leg a little closer and shifted her weight onto it. Just as he had hoped, it broke the surface and slid down to join its companion. She looked around in her immediate vicinity, as if there would be anything within reach that could help her, and went on with some feeble struggling. It was plain to him that she was not really trying to get out, but he did not mind that at all. To the contrary he enjoyed every moment of it and realized that times like these were what made life worth living to him. He kept his eyes no her at all times now, barely daring to blink. She was not sinker deeper he noticed. Her thighs had received some speckles of mud, but she was still just past her knees in the bog. The intensity of her struggles increased, but she could not really fool him. He knew she was just attempting to go deeper. The moss-covered surface all around her bounced with every movement, and she bounced with it, going slightly up and down. Maybe he should go over there and try to push her deeper to grant her wish. He could play the villain and send her down to her doom while standing above her. He had almost made up his mind to do so, when she abruptly sunk a little deeper. Her descent slowed instantly, but it did not stop and the bog was now slowly consuming her beautifully tanned thighs. That was when she called for help “I’m stuck in a bog… and sinking!” and there was his cue. He stepped out from behind his hiding place and answered in a reassuring tone “Don’t panic! I’m here to help. Just stay calm.” Then quickly added “Miss” to remind Amy that they had the roles of strangers. She was not very good at acting and he felt it necessary to give her tiny hints like this from time to time. She had more often than not slipped up and gone out of character during their past swamp trips. He overlooked that whenever possible, but then there had been times when she would burst out in laughter at her own sillyness and unable to go on for several minutes. That was fun too of course, but he preferred to keep up the act from beginning till end. He saw his girlfriend devour him with hungry eyes for a moment, almost like the swamp devouring her.

Or was it? She had stopped sinking just before it would reach her bikini bottom. Then she resumed her fake struggles, attempting to sink some more. It was obvious to him, but he did not mind. In fact he enjoyed the show so much he almost did not hear her say “Please hurry and help me!” That was exactly what he was not going to do, because he wanted to let her go deeper. She was putting so much effort into this, he could not just ruin it, by starting the rescue this early. He played for time, walking along the bog’s edge, probing the soggy moss in different places. “Hold on, I’m looking for a safe way to get you out.” was his reply. They exchanged a few more of their usual lines until she said “Look! I’m sinking deeper. I don’t have that much time.” He knew it was one of her usual lines, and she probably had not put much thought on it, claiming that she was sinking when she was obviously not. Tom wanted to sigh and say “No, you’re not sinking. I’m not blind.”, but refrained from doing so and instead thought of something else to reply. However before he did, Amy added “Hey, Mister. I think I have been overreacting a bit here. Looks like I’m not getting any deeper anymore.” That could only mean she was not able to sink any deeper and had given up. After a short pause she continued in a softer voice, giving him hungry looks: “Actually, this does not feel so bad, so I’m in on hurry to get out anymore either. But I could still use some company. How about it, big boy?” The sudden switch from damsel to seductress was anything but credible, but the prospect of him getting close and comfortable with his sexy girl in the bog helped him in overlooking her sloppy acting. He was looking forward to joining her any minute now, to taking off her bikini personally, slowly, very cerimoniously. Yes, he loved to undress her himself. He stared at her in disbelief as she deprived him of this great pleasure by taking off the bikini herself. Of course, he liked to see her all nude in the peat bog, but it was only the second best thing - second best to undressing her with his own hands. Amy had stripped to please him, and he wanted to explain what he would have liked even more, but that talk would have to wait until later. Some bubbles broke the surface behind Amy, he could see them, but she was to busy seducing him to take notice. He smiled at the thought of some gas pocket empty itself underneath her, possibly allowing her to go deeper. Something in his trunks was pointing her way now, as if it was telling him to go to her. In a way it was telling him exactly that. Amy was about to tell him the same thing, but was interrupted. Her clit, her buttocks were suddenly gone. Within a few moments she was down to her waist in the bog and sinking. She switched back to pleading for help in an instant, obviously not knowing how else to deal with the unexpected change. Tom did not mind.

He was glad he had waited when he saw those bubbles and not stepped onto the boggy ground yet. That allowed him to easily revert to his stalling strategy. His mind was still partly on the seduction play from a little earlier, and he felt obliged to return the favor. So he took off his bathing trunks and threw them right over the her bikini, which lay peacefully on the bogs moss-covered surface. Normally he would be reluctant to drop his pants out in the open, but they were so far from civilization that he had no worries about them being spotted. Then to buy some more time watching her sink, he even made a useless attempt to throw the rope to Amy. It was much, much too short, but he had brought it with him, so he wanted to at least pretend to try and use it a few times, before giving up and dropping it to the ground. Her slim figure was slowly gliding down into the bog’s embrace. Amy’s flat belly became engulved in the soft peat, and she helped along a little with occasional fake struggles. He was entranced by her every move as she slowly went deeper. Tom still could not quite believe she had dared to venture out this far. If he joined her out there, there was no telling how long they would have to struggle to get back out. And he liked the prospect of a long difficult extraction, because he knew he would enjoy every second of it, especially with Amy by his side. But for now he was waiting and watching, curious to see how deep she would go on her own. Usually she would just let herself float, without forcing herself deeper. In fact she had never done a full submersion for him unless he was within her reach. He had asked her to do that sometimes, but she had always refused, saying that she was not comfortable with it, unless he was close by. In any case, he was curious to see how deep the bog would take her and determined to keep stalling till then. Unexpectedly Amy made another sudden drop and the bog was now reaching her chest. Tom immediately noticed how the bog pushed up those well-shaped breasts a little, that were now resting on its surface. Slowly they were being consumed by the peat. He wanted to get closer and take a better look, but reminded himself to stay put. The nipples were now slowly disappearing from view. Her movements caused the spongy surface to bounce up and down slightly and those two perky breasts did just the same. At moments like these he wished she would allow him to take videos or pictures, but she never did. She was afraid such footage might someday accidently fall into someone else’s hands. Her breasts were almost completely submerged now, when she placed her hands on the surface just be her sides and started pushing down. Only very briefly did this cause her chest to reemerge, but those few seconds meant very much to him. And he knew that was the last he had seen of her lovely breasts for a while now. Now she was playing “my-arms-are-stuck” pulling her left and right shoulder up alternately. She looked so incredibly cute when she did that. The best thing about it however was, that she was still going deeper. Usually she would be already be floating, but instead the bog had taken her to her armpits. She was probably helping with her arms and legs to get this deep. Eventually she brought her hands back to the surface, and at the same time sent herself down to her shoulders. Tom grew increasingly excited about her going this deep. Even when she stayed still, it looked like she was still getting a little deeper. She would have to do some very subtle work with her legs to force herself down while pretending not to move. And Tom loved it. She started asking for his help again and he was very pleased to notice that her acting had become more convincing. Now she was really getting into it. Not only what she said and the way she said it made the act more credible, but also the way she had just started to struggle again. Amy was grabbing and pushing down on the moss around her, but put enough force into it to make the moss cover come apart. She was actually rising up a little bit and now almost back to her armpits, which only added to the scene. He frequently offered calming, soothing comments to the poor victim to buy more time for himself to just watch. She spoiled the act a little, when she called him by his name. They had after all agreed to play as strangers, but he did not mind. Everything else was so perfect now. She was settling in deeper again and he could not help but wonder whether she would do a full submergence for him after all. She knew he would like to see her do that. And then it struck him. His birthday was only a week away. She might actually do it as a kind of early present to him. Those thoughts were interrupted by the word “Bumblebee”, which was kind of odd. Not only was it appearently out of place, it did have a special meaning attached to it. It’s use was unprecedented though. They had agreed to this word back during the first time sinking together, just in case either one had to say something out of their respective character and wanted to prevent misunderstandings. Back then they had not been as confident venturing out in search of quicksand, so they brought long ropes with them, watched every step and they had this word. There was no need for all that though, or so Tom had thought. Maybe he had misunderstood what she said. “Our safeword. Bumblebee, dammit! Now help me!” she said with panic and a hint of anger in her voice. His mind was now rearranging a few facts. Amy had not suddenly improved her acting skills, she was really afraid to go deeper. Also this was not a birthday present, she was actually sinking against her will. Everything had seemed so perfect a moment ago, so could not to help but ask and hope he was mistaken: “Are you in trouble, Amy? I mean, for real?” The anger became more apparent in her face as well as in her voice: “Yes! Deep trouble. Now don’t just stand there!”

The thought of actually losing his girlfriend to this bog was unbearable. He did love her with all his heart, and she was much more important to him than his own life. So in a moment of heroism he stepped onto the spongy moss and quickly made his way towards his girl. The surface carried him, though his actions caused noticable ripples on his path. Her shoulders were already gone and so the bog had started to devour the beautiful slender neck. His eyes and his mind were both on her and nothing else. He disregarded words of caution coming from her. She had better not worry for his safety now but for her own. Nearly losing his balance he was forced to take some awkward steps to one side. Mere moments had passed since he had starting this rescue attempt and he had already closed more than half the distance between them, but he still wanted to get there faster. She could slide under any moment after all, and even if he did carelessly break the surface with one foot, he would quickly drag it out again and go on. It seemed like a minor risk until it happened, at about eight feet from his beloved. “Amy, hold on! I’m coming.” he said as he tugged at the leg that was buried knee-deep in peat. After a few tries to pull it free, the other foot broke through as well. He was not sinking, just stuck, so he thought he might be able to just walk on if he tried hard enough. Normally he would know better than that, but he did not think of his past sinking experiences. All he could think of was moving forward to rescue his girlfriend. Bubbles of swamp gas were brushing against his feet before they popped right underneath him and he dropped down to his upper thighs. He leaned forward and grabbed some moss to pull himself free, but all that achieved was plucking some bits of the plantlife form the bog, while he was now constantly sinking deeper. Soon the peat was reaching his crotch and then for a second he was reminded of his nudity when his member became engulved by the bog. “Spread your weight!” his girlfriend shouted at him. He knew she was right and lay down on the mostly mossy surface before him with his torso. When he looked at her now, he could easily tell he would not reach her from here, but he also noticed that she was still to her neck in the bog and had apparently stopped sinking, at least for now. This helped him calm down a little. All the thoughts racing through his mind had blocked out most of what she had said during his frantic run to reach her up to this point. Suddenly he realized that he could use the rope at this distance. His usually useless and too short rope, the one lying on stable ground by the bog’s edge right now, he remembered with a sigh. “Don’t move, Amy! I’ll get you.” he said trying to mask his inconfidence. His legs had sunken a little deeper and he was unwillingly pushing the moss down with his torso. “Be careful! Move slowly or you’ll keep breaking through!” Amy advised him. He knew that and would have done so anyway, slowly dragging himself forward onto the mattress of moss. Tom was able to get a little closer to her, but the surface kept breaking underneath his stomach. This is similar to breaking in through a layer of ice he thought, when the peat reached his waist. “It’s not working. I just keep sinking through.” he explained. “I think I may be able to do something, just try not move too much.” Amy answered. This was not good. If she tried anything stupid and made a wrong move now, she might go under instantly. His worries for her renewed by that remark made him keep trying to free himself, and he blocked off any more advise of this sort coming from her. It did not take too long until he was down to his chest in this bog, but even at this depth he seemed to be in a better position to escape than Amy. She had moved a little, and the bog was almost at her chin. Also she was tilting her head back slightly, which made him even more nervous. Not too different from what she had done before, he was now unwittingly destroying the moss carpet around him in futile attempts to use it for his extrication. Only in his desperation he was doing a much more thorough job and by the time he was shoulder deep, the surface in a two-feet radius all around him had turned into peat-black with only sparse little remnants of plantlife still floating on it. Amy still insisted that he should calm down and stay still. She had barely moved in the last minute. There was no way she could do anything about their predicament, she was obviously just trying to buy time to think and maybe wait for someone to find and rescue them. But he knew that was futile and he had to try and act while he still could. Nothing worked though and he just kept sinking. Down to his chin in the peat, he was barely able to see above the surrounding layer of moss. He was loosing sight of Amy. When he last saw her, her position had not change noticably. “Tom, stay calm! I’ll get us out. Just hold on a little longer.” she called out to him. He knew that she was just trying to calm him. “I’m so sorry, honey. This is all my fault. I never should have suggested that we check out this swamp. Or at least I should have been more careful and better prepared.” he went on, feeling guilty for their predicament. He let out everything, apologizing to her, telling her how much he loved her. There was a lot he wanted to tell her. His descent had slowed down enough for him to say all the important things he wanted to say until at last he took one deep breath before going under. Everything was black and silent now. It seemed like an end befitting to them. He always wanted to go like this in the end, only later, much later when he was old and grey, not today. When his life flashed before his eyes, he thought it had been much to short to come to an end already. But it could not be helped, even the hand he was still holding up above the surface was slowly disappearing as he kept sliding deeper. In resignation to his fate he stayed calm, and thought of all the good things he had experienced. His hand was now gone and so he was completely trapped underneath the bog’s surface. The supply of oxygen in his lungs was running low. Then something unexpected happened. Something brushed against his hand, then grabbed it. “Amy?” he thought, as he felt the other hand tugging at his. Without further hestitation he grabbed the other’s wrist with his free hand and started to climb up the arm offered to him. He dared not pull too hard for that way he would risk dragging her in, but he could not go too slowly either, or he would suffocate before he could reach the surface.

His head reemerged and he breathed in deeply. One hand holding onto the saviour’s arm while the other was wiping peat from his face, till he could open his eyes. He knew it was Amy even before he looked, because he heard her voice: “Oh, Tom, you’re alive. I thought I was too late. I’m so glad…” Then he saw her lying naked on the carpet of moss right in front of him, covered in mud and peat everywhere except in her face. Of course he was more than glad to see her and to be alive, but somewhere in the back of his mind lurked the humiliation of being rescued by his girlfriend. It was a little too early to celebrate though, he was still to his chin in a dangerous bog. He wondered how she had escaped it’s clutches and asked her. She explained to him, how she had carefully shifted enough of her weight onto the some moss so that her body would slowly float up. Tom felt the immediate need to do what she had described, but realized he just wanted to show her that he could do it, too. Trying it on his own would have been stupid macho behaviour considering that she was nearby and ready to assist him. So he suggested that he would do this with her help. She agreed and let him do what he had to do. Still holding onto her left arm, he pulled himself closer to her and the carpet of moss. He made it so his back was to the moss and he could place his other arm onto it, not relying on his girlfriend’s support alone. It was almost like in a swimming pool, holding onto the edge with your back to it, while letting yourself float. He leaned back and pushed down with his arms just enough to lift himself up a little. Amy’s hand grabbed him by his biceps. He looked at her, she was lying still as before and apparently resting. It must have been hard for her to get out by herself. Slowly his submerged body was rising. It gave him some to think and let his mind wander. It wandered down to his left arm and Amy’s his hand, her arm, left the peat to her mud-covered shoulder, her back, slowly gliding down to her ass, her left buttock, her thighs. That was when he became aware that he still had his erection, but he uncertain whether he had had it all the time, even when he was submerged. He felt a little ashamed at the thought. Considering that they had both almost died in this bog, it seemed inappropriate to get aroused. But there was nothing he could do about it, now that he was growing confident, that they could both leave this bog alive. This place, his beautiful nude girl nearby, all the sensations made him horny again. A few minutes passed and he was nearly in a horizontal position with most of his body right underneath the surface. Then he realized the first body part to penetrate it would be his stiff member. He was not sure how Amy would react to that, himself being aroused despite real danger and all. In order to distract her he resumed conversation and said the first thing that he could think of: “That was working perfectly, I’m almost there.”. “Really?” she asked and looked onto the peat’s surface exactly where his pole was rising out of the bog. “Drat!” he thought, but then he saw her smile.

Now it was time for him to leave the hole he had created in the moss carpet through his trashing. He started to pull himself up onto the soft squishy moss and Amy helped him. But when he was on it with only his head and shoulders, it disintegrated underneath him and he sunk back down. He did so three times, before his girlfriend commented: “This is not working, you’re too heavy, we need to try something else.” There was a short pause then she suggested: “Climb onto me!” It did make some sense. She could distribute his weight onto a larger area, while he was freeing himself from the boghole, but he declined the offer: “No, if something goes wrong you’ll sink down with me. We can’t risk that. I can’t risk that.” He was still tempted by that offer however for reasons other than merely his rescue. Anyhow he had declined and was now trying to come with a better idea. None came to him. “I’ll tell you to stop at the first sign of trouble, I swear.” she said. There was a pause but still no better idea. He finally conceded. She agreed and he got himself ready. He rolled over onto his belly, facing her left side and still holding her arm to keep himself from sinking. Then he let go of her arm and instead placed his hands on her back and the other on her upper thigh. Slowly he pulled himself closer until his head was right by her side, then he pushed down on her to lift himself up. He rested his head on her lower back, looking up her spine. Her skin was soft, flawless and covered in peat. Her blonde her however had mostly remained clean. He liked what he saw, but he could not allow himself to take a break here and enjoy the view. So he lifted himself up again and slowly dragged his chest onto her as well. Now he was facing the moss to her right side and saw just how deep their combined weight was pushing her down into the squishy surface. He decided not to make any more stops, not even brief ones. More of his body glided over hers, he was now grabbing the moss carpet to drag himself forward, instead of holding onto her. Only his legs were still on the bare peat. He was once more reminded of his erection when it met her left hip and he had to shift sideways to get it past. Then he used only his hands to grad himself forward, because had he used his feet, he could accidently push her in now. Eventually he was clear of the peat and in relative safety on the green carpet. She crawled to his side and said “Let’s get out of here.” and so they did. They crawled out on the shortest way without even making a detour to get their clothes. He kept his desires bottled up, until they finally reached the muddy but stable ground at the bog’s edge. Then he hugged and kissed his girlfriend and there was no more holding back the passion they felt for each other. From that day on Tom was always aware of how lucky he was to have a brave little girl like Amy by his side.