Bumblebee (Her Perspective)

This swamp was completely new to Amy and yet here she was looking for a nice place to sink. She always felt a bit out of place at first when she was exploring wearing nothing but her yellow bikini. Exposing that much skin in this environment would probably seem like a very foolish idea to most people, but Amy was well aware of the risks of insect bites, leeches, thorns, possibly even snakes. It made her feel uncomfortable, but she knew it would be worth it, once she had found what she was looking for. She would have been much more worried about her safety if she were alone. But she most certainly was not. The observer was putting some effort into hiding his presence, but watching Amy was obviously more important to him than remaining undetected. She could hear him, whenever he moved from one cover to his next. Turning around to look at him was not necessary and would only ruin the mood. She always knew where he was. So she went on with her explorations, testing every mud puddle that would show itself between the moss and leaves and bare earth. All was damp, but what little mud she found was ankle-deep at best. Then she saw some water surfaces up ahead in the distance, betrayed by what little sunlight made it through the leaf ceiling above. She just knew there it had to be there. Her instincts clearly told her there were some deep bogs that way, and they had never lied to her about that.

With renewed enthusiam and at a much quicker pace than before, she walked towards that area. In fact she was almost running and only when she reminded herself to stay calm and saviour every moment did she slow down to her normal exploration speed. And after all she would not want to lose her follower. Judging from the noises coming from behind, he was closing in to his usual distance again. Amy might have caught him a little off guard by dashing off like this. Her thoughts returned to what lay ahead of her. The ground there looked different, mostly covered with moss and leaves, some patches of peat and farther ahead a few spots covered by water. She had never seen anything quite like it, but she knew she was onto something here. She closed her eyes for a moment and thought about her next move. Should she proceed carefully and probe the ground before every step or should she jump right in and see what happens. The second option was tempting, but she decided to contain her excitement and carefully proceeded forward until suddenly the moss underneath her foot moved down from her weight. But it did not let her break through, it only shifted and the surrounding surface reacted by bopping up and down slightly. Slowly she shifted more of her weight forward, testing how much of it the ground would support. She was almost disappointed when she discovered it would carry her entire weight. Now with both feet on this unstable surface, she again slowly walked forward. It felt like walking on a giant sponge and maintaining her balance on it was not too easy. It also felt like she could start to sink into this with any step. That thought, whenever it occured to her, sent a wave of arousal through her body that made it harder to stay calm. She wanted to move away from the safe ground though. Things would be so much more interesting if she was out of reach. She also avoided the visible patches of peat for now, though she very much liked the look of them. About a minute passed like this with her choosing every step carefully. Now she was at least twenty feet from the stable ground, and she could not even tell how much farther the spongy area extended. Amy was certain that she was not even close to its center yet, but that did not matter much. She was out far enough to get a little careless. At first she tried rhythmically shifting her weight from one side to the other and back, causing the whole surface to move in waves all around her. She continued to put more force in it and the waves grew bigger, but the moss kept carrying her as before. She could have tried even harder, but decided that the surface had passed this test and moved on to the next. Amy tried to jump with both feet. It was only meant to be a feeble, small jump for starters, but her feet would not even leave the soft moss. Instead the surface had simply absorbed it. So she tried jumping a little higher and this time her feet actually lifted into the air, but she could not keep her balance and landed on her left side. The ground was reacting to all the movement as before and she was really enjoying it even though this was not exactly what she had come for.

As she got up however, she determined that it was about time to get serious about sinking. She picked a nice, invitingly black patch of peat that was sparingly covered by a few leaves. It was even farther away from the edge - at about another twenty feet, but she only made it halfway there, before her right leg broke through the surface. She gasped in genuine surprise, as this had not been the spot chosen for her sink. It was a pleasant surprise for her though. In a way she would have been a little disappointed if this bog was too predictable. Her leg had sunk past her knee. A first feeble attempt to pull it free changed nothing. She could feel squishy peat engulving it and holding it in place through suction. Amy placed the other foot a little closer and pushed down, while tugging at the mire leg with both hands. The left leg broke the surface as well and became mired just as deep. Now things were starting to get really interesting. She took on the role of damsel in distress for her own enjoyment as well as that of her watcher. She was pretending to look for something to hold on to, and also performing some half-hearted escape attempts by grabbing pulling on her thighs. She was not sinking however, which was a little odd, because she could feel no solid ground underneath her feet. Apparently the tiny roots and other material were enough to support her. She did after all only weigh very little, being five feet short and very slim. She tried harder, twisting and pulling until suddenly she dropped a few inches, and then slowly kept sinking deeper. Now, she decided, was the time for the damsel to call for help, and so she did: “Help me! Somebody help! I’m stuck in a bog… and sinking!” A few moments later the answer came from the watcher, her boyfriend Tom: “Don’t panic! I’m here to help. Just stay calm, Miss.” She noticed the “Miss” added at the end, a reminder that they were acting as strangers to one another for the purpose of this little game. He had now left his hiding place and come into her view, wearing those blue bathing trunks and nothing else. He, too, seemed somewhat out of place in that outfit, but Amy refrained from asking the “stranger” why he was walking around in the swamp like this. It would only harm the mood. Besides, she really liked seeing him like that, revealing so much of his tall muscular body to her. He also carried a rope with him, a very short rope - with it’s five feet length it was much to short to be of any actual use at such a distance. And it was so on purpose. She could hardly wait to see him struggle to get to her, having him sink with her, doing all the naughty things they like to do in quicksand.

Distracted by such thoughts Amy noticed that she had stopped sinking again only with some delay. Even though she was only almost to her crotch in the bog, her descent had again come to a halt. Pretending to struggle, when she was actually trying to get deeper again, she said: “That’s easier said than done, Mister. You’re not the one sinking in quicksand. Please hurry and help me!” Tom was walking along the edge, examining the bog, or at least pretending to do so. His eyes were mostly on Amy actually. They continued their little improvised dialogue and Amy tried harder and harder to get herself to sink again, but the bog would not take her, until finally she decided to change her plans. “Hey, Mister. I think I have been overreacting a bit here. Looks like I’m not getting any deeper anymore.” she said and then added in a more seductive tone: “Actually, this does not feel so bad, so I’m in on hurry to get out anymore either. But I could still use some company. How about it, big boy?” She knew from experience there were ways for the two of them to have fun in a situation like this, even if they could not go very deep. While maintaining eye contact with her boyfriend Amy reached behind her back and undid her bikini top. Slowly she let it slip off, smiling at his open-mouthed expression. She knew that he loved it when she went all nude in a bog for him, and she did not mind either. The air was warm with high humidity, and there was nobody else around for miles, so she continued with her bikini bottom - pulling teasingly at the string until it came off. She threw her bikini a little ways towards him, landing it on the spongy ground out off both Tom’s and Amy’s immediate reach. She knew she was pushing all the right buttons on him, the growing bulge in his bathing trunks served as confirmation to her. She knew he would step onto the moss and get over to her any second now. His smile told her. Amy covered her breasts and her clit with her arms and continued in that seductive voice: “Come. Come and g..” That sentence was aborted by the bog suddenly taking Amy down to her hips. She looked down and saw herself sinking again. It felt different from her earlier sinks in other bogs. It was as if the sponge had a crack that was growing and allowing her own body and the surrounding loose peat to fill it. She made the transition back to damsel mode: “Maybe I was a little hasty to say I’m not sinking anymore. Can you get me out of here, Mister? Please!”

Tom picked up the conversation: “Don’t worry! I’ll figure something out. But first I shall return this favor.” That’s when he stripped down his bathing trunks and put his erection into plain sight. He tossed the trunks into the bog towards the bikini. Now all the clothing they had brought was resting there on the soft moss outside either one’s reach. On their earlier sinks he had usually not stripped before he was well into the mud. Amy was quite satisfied that he had followed her lead, and she was looking forward to seeing him sink even more now. Kneeling down at the edge he tried throwing the rope, though it was obviously useless. “Just how did you get this far into the bog?” he asked. Amy almost had to laugh at this feeble attempt with the rope, not just because of it’s futility, but also because he was not even looking at the rope as he threw it, he was looking at her all along - observing her belly as it slowly disappeared into the mire. She did some struggling from time to time, partly for the show, but also to prevent her descent from stopping again, before she reached floatation point. The mud felt good on her skin, and she could hardly wait to see her boyfriend get closer and join her. She longed to see him step onto the unstable moss, wondering whether it would carry his weight as far out as it had carried hers. In her mind’s eye he was already sinking, struggling to get closer to her with his well-trained body becoming more and more engulved in the mud. He did various sports and always kept in shape and she was glad about that, even though the only kind of sport she cared about personally was what she was doing right now: struggling in a bog. With another sudden drop she sank to her breasts. She put both arms on the surface and allowed the bog to support her firm, perky breasts a little, a view that Tom would certainly enjoy. “Don’t struggle! You’re only making yourself sink faster!” he urged and Amy called back: “Help! Don’t let me drown here! Please, do something!”. Tom was still examining the bog’s edge. Occasionally probing the moss with one foot and keeping up conversation. All the time he was also observing Amy, who was still sinking deeper. The peat was now touching the nipples on her breasts. She waited a little longer until her chest was almost gone, then pushed down with her hands against the boggy surface, causing that part of her body which Tom was so fond of, to briefly re-emerge. Amy then kept the hands in the bog, pretending they were now stuck there. All the while her pleading and Tom’s stalling went on. Amy was growing quite excited, because she had rarely been able to sink this deep without helping it along. The mire now reached her armpits and she was still sliding in deeper. At the same time she was also getting a little worried. That odd cold, watery feeling down at her feet was something she had never experienced before and she was not quite sure what to make of it. She lifted her arms back to the surface, but that cost her another few inches and sent her down to her shoulders into the bog. She waited for a moment, expecting to float and stop sinking, but that did not happen. Then she told her boyfriend: “Help me! I’m still sinking, Tom!” She tried to hold onto some of the moss that had been so supportative earlier, but when she shifted her weight onto it, it broke and let her hand slide through. She did so repeatedly with the patches of moss within her reach, but only succeeded in pulling herself up to her armpits, while damaging the innocent plantlife all around her. Her boyfriend was still just observing, though she was now seriously trying to get out. “Come on! Move it! I might drown here.” she said with some anger. He was still playing, calling her “Miss” or “Lady”. “Dammit, get me out of here, Tom!” was the line she used as the bog reclaimed her shoulders. Even that did not work on him, and she knew she needed the safeword. They had agreed on one back on their first sink, but there had never been any need for it. If only she would remember it now. Stress situations and long term memory usually don’t go too well with one another. Amy was no exception to that. She tried to calm down and finally remembered what she wanted to say. Amy blurted out the word “Bumblebee!” followed by “Help me, Tom!”. Tom’s pleased expression suddenly turned into a puzzled one accompanied by the question: “What?”. That’s when Amy realized he had forgotten it, too. “Our safeword. Bumblebee, dammit! Now help me!” she replied with her shoulders disappearing into the quivering peat. It took a few moments to dawn on Tom: “Are you in trouble, Amy? I mean, for real?” She usually thought it kind of cute, that he could be so slow to grasp things, but not this time. No, certainly not this time. “Yes! Deep trouble. Now don’t just stand there!” she snapped back at him.

She found a patch of moss behind her that was intact though partially submerged. In an attempt to stop her sink, she held onto it with one hand. Her descent stopped as she had hoped, but her heart sank anyway, when she saw Tom performing a very foolish act. He was carelessly running across the unstable surface towards her. She warned him: “Careful! Tom! Get down, spread your weight!” But he would not listen. The spongy ground quivered in response to his steps and even though she had very much hoped to see him sink not so long ago, she would rather not have that happen now. In fact a few minutes ago, she could have very much enjoyed seeing him running around on the moss naked, risking to break through any moment. But this was serious now, and he should know better than doing something so reckless. “Tom! Slow down! You have to be careful!” she kept calling, but he ignored it. He almost stumbled and fell once, but that did not slow him down much and just when Amy was getting her hopes up that he might actually make it, his left leg vanished down to its knee between the moss. He fell forward and got down onto his right knee. The situation did not look good, but it also could have been worse. He should be able to free his leg. And he had come pretty close to her, too. This should still work, if he kept cool now. “Tom! Keep pulling steadily. Just take care not the damage more of the moss that supports you, and you’ll be fine.” she advised, but he still would not pay attention to her words. He just said “Amy, hold on! I’m coming.”, while he frantically tugged at the leg. Then he tried to get more leverage by placing his right foot onto the moss carpet and pushing down. Before Amy could warn him not to do that, he was already stuck with both his legs down to his knees. Despite Amy’s advise, he kept struggling like a first-time sinker and suddenly was swallowed to his upper thighs. This was not going too well and she trying to come up with new ideas that might help. She had by now realized that this whole place was floating on water and that they were sinking through. There had even been some spots of bare water off in the distance, possibly holes in this floating layer of peat and moss where one could in theory reemerge. Trouble was, in her current position she could not see those holes anymore, she only had a vague idea where they should be - far away, and she would have to get down through completely, before she could hope to dive to them. She knew she could not do it. Even Tom, though he could hold his breath very long and dive great distances, would not make it. So she kept this idea to herself and thought of other ways to get out. He went deeper quickly while struggling and soon his bare, still erect wiener was enveloped as well. She was worried, but also a little angry. Her boyfriend first would not listen to her, when she asked for his help, and then, when he finally came to her rescue, he would not listen to anything she said either. But finally he paid some attention when she shouted “Spread your weight!”. He lay down on the surface before him. Though he was facing her and she could not see past his upper body lying in front of her, she still had the feeling that he was getting deeper. The uncertainty in his voice when he said “Don’t move, Amy! I’ll get you.” added to that feeling. She told him to proceed careful and could see that he was now doing as she said, as he slowly crawled closer to her. While watching him, she was still thinking of an alternative rescue plan. Maybe by carefully shifting some more of her weight onto the moss, that she was holding onto underneath the bog’s surface, she could slowly float up. But she would have to be very careful. If she tore this patch from the large body of the plant that was forming the green carpet all around, her last chance to pull herself out would be gone. He was still much too far away for her to reach, when he said “It’s not working. I just keep sinking through.” That’s when she decided to give her new plan a try. Even if it worked it might take a long time for her to free herself, and at this rate her boyfriend might go under before then. So she told him to stay calm, but again he would not listen. Quite to the opposite, he was now trying even harder to get himself out. She was leaning back onto the submerged moss cushion, allowing the bog to take a little more of her neck, while the rest of her body would slowly float upward. It was working, she could feel her feet slowly rising, but was not yet certain, whether her cushion would remain intact indefinitely. She tried to explain to Tom and calm him down, but he just would not stay still. His macho ego probably could not accept it, that he might actually be saved by her, instead of the other way around. So he had to keep trying even though it was obviously useless. He was heavier and there was simply no way he would drag himself back onto the soft moss. He was already down to his shoulders and still sinking. Amy could not actually see his shoulders anymore, patches of moss and other small plantlife were partially obstructing her view. All she saw was his head, but she imagined him being shoulder-deep. She had continually told him to stop struggling, and it looked like he finally heeded her advice. He was still sinking, albeit slower now. She was making some good progress, her shoulders and the back of her head were resting on the mossy patch, while the rest of her submerged body was suspended at an angle of roughly 45 degrees and slowly floating up. He was sinking out of her field of view and she felt it necessary to something reassuring, now that they had lost eye-contact: “Tom, stay calm! I’ll get us out. Just hold on a little longer.” She wanted to go on and make him understand what she was doing, but then he started telling her how sorry he was for all this. He apologized for leading them and for his carelessness. She did not really thing an apology was neccessary and thought this was just as much her fault as it was his. But she led him talk anyway, because she knew he was still breathing as long as he did. She was coming closer to freeing herself by the minute and finally dared to pull one foot up and place it on the layer of moss opposite to her cushion. Now she could distribute her weight even better and found herself lying in the soft peat, almost like in a cozy bed. Now she had to drag herself away from this hole in the moss mattress, she had created. She tried to reach the green lifesafer behind her with both arms while pushing on the other side with her feet. It worked and she felt the moss slide under her back, but at the same time her feet had lost contact with the other edge of the hole and her legs and behind was slowly going down again. She wanted to take it slow and by placing her weight correctly prevent herself from sinking as she had done before. “I love you, Amy.” Tom said. He had been talking the whole time, but with this sentence he stopped. She could not see him, but that did not have to mean, he had gone under. Her weight was after all causing a slight depression in the moss and she could not yet rise up and see to his hole in the moss cover. “Tom? Are you still there? Tom?!” she asked but there was no reply. Amy rolled over onto her belly and continued with her extraction as quickly as she could. She felt the cushion she had used earlier fall apart and some more of the moss carpet was damaged by her as she dragged herself onto it. It was a bit reckless, but she gained spongy ground faster than she lost it. At last she came free of the peat. It had been exhausting and normally she would have wanted to rest now, but there was no time for that. She saw Tom’s hand going under, hurried around the boghole she had just escaped from and towards his fingers that were just slipping under. She was moving on all fours as quickly as she could, but did not arrive in time before Tom’s hand disappeared. “No! Don’t leave me!” she said in terror and reached into the peat with one hand while lying down on the spongy green beside it. She felt something, grabbed it. It was him. At first she wanted to pull, but then realized that he was already doing that, and she had to take care not to get pulled in or damage the surface she was lying on. So she just stayed still, trying to distribute her weight evenly and staying out of the dark peat.

His hands were moving up her arm until eventually a head appeared gasping for air. She was so relieved. “Tom, you’re alive. I thought I was too late. I’m so glad you’re ok. Let’s get you out of there.” she said. He was still wiping peat out of his face. She thought it looked kind of cute on him. His left hand was still holding onto her upper arm. Slowly some naughty thoughts were returning to her, but she pushed them back. They had yet to get to safety. And before that, he had to get out of that hole. She could not simply pull him out, even if she had the strength, she would only go down with him. Tom asked her, how she had gotten out, and Amy explained it to him. There was no need to hurry now, neither was sinking and as long as they remained still, that should not change. Besides, Amy’s task was simple and she did not mind a little rest now. After some thought he had an idea: “I’ll just do what you did, only it’ll be easier because I can hold onto you.” He did sometimes have good ideas, even if they were actually stolen from someone else. But Amy did not mind that and let him do as he said. Her task was still the same, lying there and staying still, while offering her left arm for Tom to hold on to. She felt the pull on her arm increase a little, but it was nothing she could not handle. He pulled himself closer, then turned his back to edge of the hole and placed his right hand onto the moss. Even though she could not see it, she knew that his submerged body should now slowly be floating up until he reaches an almost horizontal position. All she could see of him, was his head and neck, and part of his right arm. She could feel the grip of his left hand though, and she could also feel his upper arm. Only then did she become aware that she had grabbed his arm with her submerged hand. Lying there and waiting like this more erotic thoughts were coming back to her. She had been very horny all the time, but the fear for their lives had surpressed that. That fear however was subsiding now and making room for other things. Things like her boyfriend’s body suspended in that peat. She wondered whether he still had that hard-on. Of course she could have simply asked him to find out, but she preferred to let her mind ponder the subject. The minutes went on, but they did not talk. One might think they would have a million things to say after what had just happened, but they were now silent and seemingly unmoving. At last he broke the silence and said “That was working perfectly, I’m almost there.”. “Really?” she had not noticed a change in his position, but of course it had happened where she could not see. A glance at the peat show her nothing, but of course his body could be floating right underneath the surface now. Then something broke the surface and stuck out vertically. Now she knew the answer to the question that had been bugging her and she smiled.

He started to try and lift himself onto the moss blanket. She helped along lifting him by his arm but without getting up. It seemed to work at first, but the moss collapsed underneath his heavy shoulders and he sank back in. They repeated this twice, before she stopped and said they would have to try something else. But what else could they do? She should not risk getting up and pulling him out, and yet just lying by his sinkhole and offering one arm apparently was not enough. “Climb onto me!” she could not really believe she had just said that. She immediately knew that this suggestion had surfaced purely because of her desire for a little more body contact, than just holding one another’s arm. He would surely refuse this stupid idea. “No, if something goes wrong you’ll sink down with me. We can’t risk that. I can’t risk that.” Tom answered. Only then did she realize that her suggestion had actually made sense, it would allow him to spread his weight onto a much bigger surface area through her. That was all it would take for him to come free. So she decided to try and persuade him. He gave in without much argument and said “Alright, you’ll let me know at once if my weight is too much!” That was fine with her. She just lay as before while he got to her side and ready to drag himself up onto her. He let go of her arm, and a second later she could already feel his hands on her back and thigh. With her left arm free she removed it from the peat and instead placed it on the moss carpet in front of her to add to weight distribution. Then she could feel him pushing down on her. The leg and her belly were pressed deeper into the soft moss, and she did her best to spread the added weight to the rest of her body. A few seconds later she noticed his head on her lower back, breathing up her spine. She was doing fine so far, only a little worried whether the moss blanket could deal with the stress as well. The weight increased again as he went on to pull his torso onto her. What was more of a problem than the weight, was the fact that he was clinging onto her to pull himself out. This meant she constantly cling onto the moss in turn in order not to get pushed in. But she had already practised that when he had climbed up from the depths by pulling on her arm. Despite all that she could not help but feel around by their body contact. He was gliding over her with little friction. They were both covered in mud well enough. She also took notice of his still erect member as it slid over her back. Then his legs followed and the extra load was almost off her. The plan had actually worked. When she moved over to his side, she was a noticeable depression in the moss remain where she had been lying. With a little bad luck this could easily have given way and she was reminded that they still needed to get off this bog. They crawled all the way out. She thought about getting her bikini for an instant, but that would have been a detour. Besides, for what she had in mind with Tom, she did not need a bikini. But she had yet to wait until they were safe. Then when they were next to the bog, where the ground was still wet but firm, she embraced him. Now they could finally give in to their desires. Whether she would ever come back to this place was yet uncertain, but under no circumstances would Amy ever forget.