Story Time with Shetani

Shetani has been around on for a while now, but somehow I have not yet gotten around to actually tell her story. Sure, there are some images of her in the galleries. But they do not tell you much about who this jungle beauty actually is. While I am not about to reveal her entire background story this time around either, you will at least get to know her a little better in this CYOA style interactive story I am bringing to you today.

Another thing that I have only hinted at in the past is the mysterious Eastern half of the Great Swamp. That mysterious place were none of my tours will take you. The time has arrived to catch some glimpses of that place as well. Shetani is one of very few people who might actually survive taking a trip there. There are many ways to die in that part of TGS, plenty of which involve some sort of sinky substance or other. But there are other hazards you should watch out for, too. But of course we all want Shetani to come back safe and sound, right? Right?! ;)

And so I present to you, Shetani in “Unholy Grounds”.