Most Certainly Not The Beach

After a prolonged break, the Not-the-Beach series is back. Those three girls are still looking for the beach and stubbornly refusing to ask one of our guides for directions. I do not know why they choose to do so, but it seems like a rather dumb decision on their part (sorry, girls). This time around they managed to head completely in the wrong direction and somehow wound up amongst the Northern peat bogs. That is pretty much the opposite direction you would want to go from the camp.

As before, I have added images of this latest misadventure to their gallery. And also as before, this is but one moment captured from multiple angles for your viewing pleasure. You might notice that one of the girls is currently topless. When I put out the first installment of the series someone over at QSF suggested that she would rescue her friends by utilizing her bikini top. And because that only seemed reasonable, that is exactly what happened. Naturally her top got damaged beyond repair in the process. But hey, it was still a success. After all they are still alive. For now.

Aaaaaand, there’s more… I also rendered another camera “flyby” animation of this scene, available in multiple resolutions right in the animations gallery.