Lost in Mistranslation

It has been almost a year since I first published Shetani’s morning exercise where she found herself in some sinky troubles. Eventually she escaped but without her panties. Though for us a year has passed, it’s only been an hour or two for her. The story continues on the very same day as she returns to try and rescue her favorite panties from the quicksand that took them from her. She has brought a vine and apparently she also had time to hop into a pond somewhere nearby to wash off that mud. Well, her hair still looks a bit mud-stained, but that would probably have taken a lot longer to clean up. She also did not bother to go back home to retrieve some other panties from her jungle girl wardrobe. That would have been a bit of a detour and she fully intends to reclaim what she has lost - so why bother?

Anyway, Shetani is back in this new gallery. There are only two images in there right as of this writing. I will be busy adding more for quite a while. Probably far into 2021 - if not beyond as this is going to be a long series.