Happy 2024!

Another busy year comes to its end. I got 5 projects from last year’s collage done. That’s right. FIVE of them!

Collage-o-Scraps 2023 - What's Done

Now you might expect to see a new collage of what may or may not come in 2024 here, but no. That is not going to happen this time. 2024 is going to be quite different (except maybe for Sinktember - I have a few ideas for that).

This can't be right.

I am working on some improvements to the Quicksand Clock. Beyond that - and that’s actually the big news - I finally intend to get serious about developing a quicksand-related game. This means I will have even less time for other types of content in the months to come. Game development has already begun. It is slowly taking shape, but overall the project is still in its very early stages. I think it’s still too early to share anything more about it at this point, but that will change in 2024.