Suzi shows us How Not To Escape Quicksand

It is done. Sort of. Actually, it is not.

I have added a new gallery for the latest project with Suzi and you will be much surprised to hear that its name is “How Not To Escape Quicksand”. And if you look at it right now, you will be even more surprised to find that it contains exactly zero pictures. That is so, because the final render job is only just about to begin. As I write this, I am about to push that button to have my PC work very hard on completing this project. The plan is to have my (highly experimental and much likely to break) scripts automatically add each image to the gallery without any further quality check from myself before it is being published (is this really a good idea? hmm…). You will know it is all done, when there are 50 (!) images in said gallery. So now, for the first time, you can monitor the progress of the final render. Try not to break that refresh button though!

About the content of this soon-to-be-filled gallery. You may have met Suzi at the spa, where she is all naked like all the other visitors. But you may not be aware, that she also likes to walk about nude outside the spa. In the TGS camp for example. Or in the swamp. Or… I have actually never seen her wear any clothes. So I honestly hope you do not mind some nudity. Suzi also enjoys nature a lot. And she certainly does not mind getting a little muddy if that is what it takes to embrace or be embraced by nature herself. Or more precisely, by a peat bog in this instance. She will also show us a few things not to do and has some fun with said bog. I am not going to spoil you how this all ends. That you will have to see for yourself.