All Good Things

… must come to an end. Like the monthly updates that I have been putting up here. They were never meant to last indefinitely but they did serve a purpose: to make me prioritize almost-done projects and put a little pressure on myself to get them out there.

But now I have no such nearly-finished projects left in my backlog. This means more pressure on me to get something done anyway, or lower quality output. It also keeps me from working on larger projects, that I know I would not be able to wrap up within the one-month timeframe. So I decided that it is time for my self-imposed one-month schedule to fall. I have been working on something I wanted to show tomorrow, but it just is not ready yet. Suzi needs more time to get it right. ;) Even though there will be nothing new here tomorrow, I do still intend to post at least once every month to at least give you an idea what I am working on, even when I have nothing to show for it.

In other much belated news, there was a poll I held in July. When the current project with Suzi is done, I have plans to work on something featuring top 3 contenders from the poll (among a few others). However, it is going to be… different from my usual content. It is a weird concept to even think that quicksand could be used in that way… but more on that later.

The Poll