This month’s update brings some changes to the tour, but only the things you can experience inside the camp. I made the place more detailed, so you can get a better idea what a visit to TGS Camp is like.

Aside from that I would like to introduce someone. In the past, I have told people that you should follow your guide’s instructions and look out for each other when you are out there in the wilderness. And that, if you let one of my guides drown in a bog, Karma will get you. All that is still true, but I never properly introduced her. Until now that is.

Karma - Voodoo Priestess

Meet Karma, a Voodoo priestess from the vicinity of New Orleans, who is now a guest at the camp. If you want to know more about her, talk to her. You might meet her at the spa. Some superstitious people have also told me, that one would be wise to stay on Karma’s good side.