New interactive story: Seeking Solitude

This month’s update brings you a new short CYOA-style story. In this story you take on the role of a hiker who really just longed for a day away from the buzzing cities and all the people. But then you run into an unexpected encounter.

I first started working on this story back in 2018. Back then I had big plans for this project, and as a result it quickly became too complex to deal with considering my limited time resources. So it ended up being put on hold in 2019. When I revived the project, I decided to try and keep it simple. This “dumbed-down” version may be far from what I had originally planned, but at least I got it done. Only took a few years and a bit of a detour. However, there is still a small chance that there will someday be a version 2.0 of this story with more choices and complexity to make it more interesting. No promises though.

Did I mention that there are also images? Oh yes, there are.