Ziwa la Kioo and the End of Twine at TGS

Let’s start the new year with an expansion of the tour. There is a new location waiting for you to visit. I have mentioned that little lake named Ziwa la Kioo before, but now you can finally see it for yourself. It is situated in the heart of the swamps and yet it’s a sort of safe haven. We have never seen any predators there even though the water is very clear and safe to drink. It is really a serene place to just hang out and enjoy the beauty of nature. I think Tara really likes it, too. She sometimes talks about her visits there for a relaxed swim or two. Of course she could instead go to the large lake Ziwa Tuvalu which is only a few steps South of the camp, but there the water is rarely as calm. The only way you would be disappointed is, if you are hoping to find some quicksand at Ziwa la Kioo’s shores. You are not going to find that there. But even if that is what you are here for, I still recommend paying it a visit anyway.

On a totally unrelated side note, I have now removed the remaining Twine stories from the site and replaced them with Ink versions (which is the tool I have been using for the tour for a while now). With this the obsolete HTML IFrames are finally gone and those CYOA stories have a look and feel that is more consistent with the rest of the site. If you have never read those two interactive stories (tagged CYOA), now might be a good time to catch up on that.