Happy 2023!

One year ago I posted a collage of stuff that may come in 2022. Looking back at it, I realized that only two of the projects that I hinted at, have been completed and published.

Collage-o-Scraps 2022 - What's Done

That certainly is not a lot for an entire year, BUT at least a few of these unfinished projects have made significant progress in 2022 and several other updates to TGS were not even represented in last year’s collage at all. But lets look ahead to 2023. I have removed the completed projects and added some new ones:

Collage-o-Scraps 2023

I feel very confident that I will be able to give you more than just 2 of these in 2023. And I actually know that one of them will be published here tomorrow, but I am not going to tell which one. You will have to come back and see for yourself. And even then it may not be obvious. You will need to look around and explore a bit.

Happy 2023! See you in the New Year!