Sinking Suzi

You may have already met Suzi at the spa. But I bet you have not yet seen her in a bottomless natural bog. Well, until now that is. Suzi may not be the most experienced sinker, but the girl is not dumb. She understands the importance of distributing your weight across the surface to slow your sink.

Will that alone save you in a situation like this? Well, no. But buying yourself some time can make all the difference. It can allow you to figure out a way to pull yourself out. Or it may be the time needed for help to arrive. Or at the very least it allows you to enjoy that final sink a little longer than you otherwise could.

I have rendered this animation in a number of resolutions.

EDIT: Download links have been moved to the animations page

Higher resolution means higher quality, but also more data traffic and it is also more demanding on your hardware to decode. Best select the one that matches your device’s resolution most closely. Or a smaller one if it does not play smoothly.