The Jogger Named Mary

For a while now I have been meaning to show you more of the swamps. The beauty of the place, and the dangers too. Of course there are already plenty of pictures of various types of quicksand around. And there is a lot of that to be found. But that is definitely not all. There are plenty of other dangers to be found as well. But that still does not give you a complete picture of the Great Swamp. There is also beauty and serenity in so many places. And so I thought about how to best present to you what the swamp is all about.

And this is where Mary comes in. Mary is an athletic woman, who truly appreciates the wild untamed nature of this place. She also has her exercise routine and goes jogging every other day to stay in shape. And Mary likes to leave the camp on her own. Something that I really would not recommend to anyone, but she is also quite stubborn and does it anyway. You can see how that has worked out for her so far in her brand-new gallery and catch some glimpses of the swamp along the way.