Spa Opening and Party

This month I have big news. I proudly give you all the just completed Outdoor Mud Spa! We had a great opening party yesterday evening. It began with some drinks and snacks in the lobby, before we went to the spa itself. It is basically a large pool filled with nice, smooth peat from the swamp. We had some music and a lot of fun. Somehow there was only one guy, and he came with his girlfriend. But I think everyone was fine with that. Maybe except for the girl, initially. Oh, did I mention that nudity is mandatory in the spa. She might not have approved of his reaction to seeing all the naked ladies.

Anyway, I captured this moment for you in the gallery. I recommend you take a long good look at that first image or you might miss something… essential. Not going to spoil what exactly though. So that was only a few minutes after we got to the spa. It was still quite neat and clean at that point. But that sure changed rather quickly afterwards. Everyone got muddy in the end. I can tell you it is not easy to identify who is who when everyone’s fully covered. One time I believed I was talking to Tara when it turned out she was actually one of the guests. That was a bit embarassing.

There was only one person who did not get into mud quite willingly. She fell asleep on that lounger. Her “friends” suggested that we should wake her up by tossing her into the pool, but I intervened. In my opinion it would not to be nice to be waken up that way. So they instead emptied a bucket of water in her face to wake her. And then they went on to toss her in immediately afterwards. Yeah… so much better.

By now the mess we made is all cleaned up and the spa is once more awaiting visitors. You can get there with the TGS Tour link, which, considering that it now also includes this other activity, might have to be renamed sometime. Anyway, the spa entrance is in the North-East of the camp. Here you will be able to relax in some mud without having to worry about drowning in it. Unless you are shorter than 145cm that is. Then I must ask you to stay away for your own safety. Sorry about that. Aynway, assuming you meet the height requirement, who knows who you might run into there. This could be an opportunity to get to know some of the other visitors. My employees also like to go there during their breaks.

So go right ahead and enjoy this new facility. I hope everyone will have a good time there. Be nice to the other guests and have fun!