Say Hello to Miranda

… because Miranda is usually going to be the first to say Hello to you, when you arrive at Camp TGS. Whenever she can make the time, she will welcome new guests down at the boardwalk where they typically arrive. So, are you already wondering who Miranda is?

Well, to you as a guest, she is the one person to turn to for anything you might need. Not only does she take care of new arrivals, she also arranges for your accomodations, makes sure meals are prepared according to your taste, makes travel arrangements for our visitors and so much more.

To me she is more of a Godsend miracle that I desperatly needed. Finally I have someone to help me manage everything around the camp. I can fully rely on her to take care of all the logistics, hiring workers, keeping an eye on construction. She can manage anything. And she somehow makes it look like it is no effort at all. With her talents she could earn a much higher pay at some big company (Don’t you dare tell her I said that!), yet she chose to answer my job ad for a personal assistant. She is such an incredible woman and I am so glad to have her on my team.

Oh, and there are a few new images in my personal gallery. Nothing sinky, but just me getting lost in… uh… I mean, exploring the Mangrove swamp.