The Long Chain

It has been a while since I started working with 3D art, and I have created quite a few characters that have since found their way into some type of quicksand or other. I did not actually realize just how many they were until recently, when they all came together. I include even the ones who have only made a single appearance and whose names have yet to be revealed. I am not including other people’s OCs that may have had a guest appearance in some images of mine. Characters I may have created specifically for a commission are also not considered MY OCs.

So, to what end have I assembled all of them in one place? Well, as the title might have already suggested to you, somebody has ventured way too far from solid ground. And now everyone is joining in the rescue operation. And of course, when all of my characters’ fates are at stake, I cannot stay away either. And because there is way too much going on in this scene to fit it into one image, I have again rendered it from various angles to give you a better idea of all that is going down… uh.. on.

And there is another thing I realized while I was working on this scene. Posing hands realistically is a lot more work when they are touching something. Even more so when it’s another hand that also needs to be posed to match. And when people form a human chain, there are plenty of those.

But enough babbling on my part. Head over to the gallery already! ;)