Happy 2022!

This isolated valley, Bonde la Hatari, only sees a limited number of outsiders go in and out every year. And luckily nobody has brought in any new viruses or such. So 2021 was not such a bad year for TGS (unlike for most of the rest of the world). We have updated and expanded the tour quite a bit. The jungle girl summit was hosted by Shetani. Amy and Tom have had their share of sinky fun. And there were a few more additions to the gallery and story section - including the first ever story contribution.

But there’s always more work to be done and a lot of it has been left over for the next year. Now, my creative process is not exactly straight-forward. In fact, it is anything but that. When I am working on some scene or project, I often get an idea for something else that I want to keep for later. This either means that I add it to my notes or that I try and create a quick draft and then get sidetracked for hours. So I have plenty of unfinished draft-state projects to pick up and continue to pursue laying around. There is always a chance that one or more of these might actually come to fruition next year. And to give you a better idea of what I am talking about, I have created this little ‘collage-o-scraps’ for you

Happy New Year!