TGS Tour Update

The update is here! And it all took quite a bit more effort than expected. But I think it was worth it. There is some new content involved, too. But creating that was actually the smaller part of this undertaking. I am referring to a new location you can visit on the TGS Tour. You’ll know which one, if you have been here before. And if not, have fun visiting all of them! The bigger share of the work was the migration from Twine to Ink, and if none of that means anything to you, that’s fine. Suffice to say it should help me further expand the tour more easily in the future. Returning visitors will notice a number of changes in how the tour is presented. Text from previous paragraphs will no longer disappear, instead the text will just “grow longer” with each choice. Images are initially shown in a small size, but can easily be enlarged by clicking on them. Should you want to restart you can do so with the link in the top left. That could be especially useful if you… uhm… find an untimely end.

Maybe someday I will write a post about the differences between Twine and Ink and what made me want to make that switch in detail. But definitely not today. Today I am just glad that it is finally done. “Done” meaning, that it works as intended for me and I fixed all the bugs that I found. Feel free to report the rest of them to me.