Introducing Millie

As of right now Millie is taking on her duties as an official TGS tour guide. Congratulations to getting your certification, Millie! I think you will find that Millie knows the Great Swamp very well as she is quite fond of the entire region and likes to explore on her free time. And since you are here to see TGS for yourself, you apparently already have something in common with her. When she is not on duty or hiking through the swamps, Millie likes to play board games. She is also a great cook and has helped out our chef with a few new recipies to make better use of our local produce. All in all, she is already a great addition to our team here at TGS.

If you want to sign up for a tour with Millie or Tara, come to the TGS headquarter and follow the signs. As always, when you are out there with your guide, remember there are many hazards and watch out for each other. Just follow your guide’s instructions and you will be fine. Have fun!