Happy New Year! Quicky Sanders Gallery!

I wish everyone a great and happy new year 2021!

Tom and Amy have decided to start off the new year with a visit to TGS. They have escaped the cold climate and here they can going sinking all year around here if they like. I added a little something new in the various sights at the Great Swamp gallery to give you an idea what they are up to. Also note that Amy did not have Mary and Ann enlarged. That is what Tom sometimes calls her breasts. No, this is just what happens when you look at something from a very close distance (and use a wide angle lens to capture eg. Tom’s entire field of view).

Another addition is the gallery Quicky Sanders: Caught on Camera. I created 3 renders as my part of an art trade I did with Viridian, who then expanded on the scene with additional drawings and an excellent short story (which you can easily find at dA or QSF). Go there and check it out! Ms Sanders and her intern Victoria are Viridian’s OCs and they were a lot of fun to work with.

Looks like 2021 is starting pretty nicely. Let’s all try and keep it that way!