TGS Tours available as of NOW! :D

Tara in her typical tour-guide outfit

This is a big day here at TGS. I am very excited to announce that as of today the camp offers tours to various places around the Great Swamp. And I found the perfect person to show you around. Allow me to introduce the first officially certified TGS tour guide. Meet Tara.

When I first saw her as she explored the swamp wearing nothing but her red bikini, I was immediately reminded of my own explorations and adventures, and I just knew that I wanted her on my team. Tara will gladly show you the beautiful sights the Great Swamp has to offer. Remember to stay safe out there and the best way to do so is by following the instructions of your tour guide. She knows and will remind you of the dangers of the swamp. Also, as you can probably imagine it is always safer to have some company in the Great Swamp.

Enjoy the tour and stay safe!