Bringing back old stories

There are a few stories I have written over the years that I would like to feature. That’s why I started working on that little story archive building here at the TGS camp. To give them a new home. But if you are just expecting your ordinary linear text-only stories there, well… you will find some of these. But I have always been a fan of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style interactive stories where the reader gets a bit more involved. So, there may be a few of those showing up over time.

Bumblebee is a story I first published in 2009. It introduces two characters who have since re-appeared a few times in other projects I have worked on and am still working on. That’s why I chose to bring this one back as the first addition to the story archive. Also, a bit unusual. I wrote this story twice. Once from either character’s perspective. And the accounts of what happened may not be exactly identical. It all depends on whom you are asking.