Tech stuff: bandwidth issues and why you should not be using MS IE or Edge older than version 79

One of the reason to create my own site here was so I could do away with limitations on image size. Some may this is as a waste of bandwidth when I feature the full-size rendered images in PNG format, but I really want these to be visible in their original state without slightest quality loss here. And there may even be a few animated PNGs to be found in the galleries which come in at over 100 MB in size. And I am fine with that except recently the bandwidth of this site dropped to modem-era levels. I guess that’s what you get for choosing one of the cheapest hosting companies on the market at a time where everyone wants to stay at home general network utilization goes through the roof. So this is a bit frustrating at the moment and I hope you can tolerate the long load times for a while.

Those APNGs are also the reason I would not recommend using any Microsoft browser before Edge 79 (the first version based on Chromium’s engine). The older versions do not support animated PNGs and will you show you the first first without playing the animation. They will still download the whole file though. Now that’s what I consider waste of bandwidth.

All the tech stuff aside, I made a little content update as well. I added a new gallery for sights around the Great Swamp. Right now it features just that one image of some unknown, unlucky person’s hand. In case you were wondering about the TGS site icon, that’s just a smaller version of this image. This swamp is really huge, so there is plenty to see. I just wish I had more time to explore it myself and bring back pictures. Anyway, I’m sure there’ll be more to see in that gallery sooner or later.