The Great Swamp proudly presents its first two galleries

The gallery tent is now open. Here are some images you may have seen previously if you ever looked at the things I share on QSF and DeviantArt. But of course I want to keep those around here as well to showcase my work. At least the bits and pieces that I am proud of. So here you can see Lara Croft finding herself in an unexpectedly sticky trap whilst tomb raiding in a Mayan temple. I was told that the statue in the temple represents the Hindu god Ganesh which does not make a whole lot of sense in a Mayan temple. But then again, that is the kind of mystery that would attract Lara’s attention, so in that regard it DOES make sense, right? … right!? Yeah, well… anyway. Next up we have jungle girl Shetani doing some unplanned morning exercise, whern she finds out that the riverbed is not as dried up as it at first appeared. I think her story on how she became a jungle girl, her relations with the native population and the environment she lives in all deserve to be looked at in greater detail. So there will likely be stories and more images of her around here… someday.

This is it for starters. See you around.